What is Charity Troubleshooter all about?

So the thing is, there are lots of charities and social enterprises out there in the UK, some are tiny and some are massive. They all however need help to get their work done. And I’m here to help…

 What I’ve done in the past:

You can see a list of what I am currently doing on the Projects page.

But it’s not just about me…

Working in partnership with other people and organisations is what it’s all about. One of things I try to do is “fix-up” organisations who could work together, share resources or generally benefit from each other. The commercial world does this really well and we all could do this a lot better.

So, to put my money where my mouth is, here are a few examples:

  • I’ve worked with Judith Courts on projects in the past and she was fab – check out her site to see what she can do to help!
  • I’ve saved organisations £100,000s on their telecoms and internet costs, using The Cooperative Business Telecoms – ask to speak to Chris and tell him I said “Hello”!
  • I’ve brokered deals to help charities share premises – why pay for two buildings when you can share one, especially if both organisations share the same ethos!

Heard it all before?

Nothing is free, right? Well, sort of, it all depends how you look at it. For me, it’s all about what needs doing, who needs it doing and how I can help. Somethings I can do for free (on a voluntary basis) – really I can, that’s part of the deal of what I do. Other things I can do in a “cost-neutral” manner (so I could split the cost savings with the organisation) and some things (like when there is funding for a project) needs an invoice (no VAT from me you’ll be glad to know!).

We need to talk about how this might work, so please get in touch via the Contact Form.