What you really need to sort this out is a “Wicked Mess”?

So, I recently went to a really interesting and different view on Project Management by Martin Price, entitled The Single Minded Project. A very more personal approach to Project Management with some really intersting concepts that organisations can implement – do read his site via the link.

What I really liked was another concept he touched on, that projects are either:

  • Tame: Straight froward and understood but “boring”
  • Mess: Straight forward but not well organised, or with external influence getting in the way
  • Wicked: Not well defined and likely to diverge into something else
  • Wicked Mess: A bit of both!


Much more about this here – worth a read: http://www.modernanalyst.com/Resources/Articles/tabid/115/ID/1666/The-Tame-the-Messy-and-the-Wicked.aspx

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