Websites, Websites, Websites…

… sometimes they can just make you scream!

So I’ve spent quite a lot of time sorting out a load of sites/domains/hosting in the past few weeks. I have to say its my least favourite thing, but hey ho, its needs doing.

What has become apparent is that most people have no idea about the complexities of MX Records, DNS Servers, Hosting Platforms etc. that are behind the average site. Also there is always at least one organisation that didn’t realise that they don’t own their own Domain Name!

Some useful sites and tools on this topic:

  • Fresh Sites – need WordPress hosting with free site migration (Neil is a star!), then look no further
  • Domain Lookup Tools – Essential if you are trying to change DNS entries
  • Site Up Time Monitor – Want to know if you site is down before your hosting provider does, this is excellent (and free!)
  • Broken Link Checker – Scours all your sites pages for links that don’t go anywhere
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