The (Day) Times Are A’Changing…

So this week, the “Day Job” (that pays the bills and keeps a roof over my head) has changed. More of an internal consultancy role which is very varied but also has its own challenges. One of those is working out how to introduce yourself to a bunch of new people – I’ve been sitting in a contact centre staffed with volunteers and most of them assumed I was a new trainee, despite the fact I designed the systems they were all using a few years ago!

Some introductions later (“Hi, I’m here to fix things that don’t work and make everything else work better”) and all is well. Chocolate biscuits help as well. It is odd sitting in with a bunch of people using something that you designed a couple of years ago – I must have got something right as they were all motivated and committed to getting the job done.

The next couple of weeks are more of the same, a few tweaks here, a new process there – but all good stuff.

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